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Steak n Shake MenuFast food chain Steak n Shake can be found all over the Midwest and the South. The fact that Steak n Shake Menu offers both takeout and dine-in service means that its pricing are higher than those of competing fast food chains. The vast majority of Steak and Shake locations remain open all night long. 

The T-Bone, sirloin, and round stakes used to make Steak ‘n Shake’s signature Steakburgers are among the best cuts of beef in the world. In addition to its well-known Steakburgers, the restaurant is well-known for its extensive milk shake menu.

Please note that prices and menu items may vary based on locations and promotions.

Steak N Shake Meals 

Menu Item Price
Grilled Cheesy Steakburger Melt ‘n Fries $3.99
Cajun Double Steakburger ‘n Fries $3.99
Sriracha Steakburger $5.99
Bacon Lovers Steakburger $6.49
Double Steakburger with Cheese $5.79
Single Steakburger with Cheese $4.99
Frisco Melt $6.49
Bacon ‘n Cheese Double $5.99
Wisconsin Buttery $5.79
Cheesy Cheddar $6.29
Western BBQ ‘n Bacon $5.99
Portobello ‘n Swiss $6.49
Steak Frank $4.29
Chicago-Style Steak Frank $4.99
Philly Double Steakburger $5.99
Double Steakburger with Cheese ‘n Fries $3.99
Single Bacon Cheese Steakburger ‘n Fries $3.99
Chicken Fingers ‘n Fries $3.99
Triple Steakburger ‘n Fries $3.99
Garlic Double Steakburger ‘n Fries $3.99
Guacamole Single Steakburger ‘n Fries $3.99
Jamaican Jerk Double Steakburger ‘n Fries $3.99
Nacho Cheese Double Steakburger ‘n Fries $3.99
Prince of Royal Single Steakburger ‘n Fries $3.99

Signature Steak Franks

Menu Item Price
Classic Footlong ‘n Fries $3.99
All American Footlong ‘n Fries $3.99
Chicago-Style Footlong ‘n Fries $3.99
Chili Cheese Footlong ‘n Fries $3.99
Steak Frank ‘n Fries $3.49
Chicago-Style Steak Frank ‘n Fries $3.99
Chili Cheese Steak Frank ‘n Fries $3.99

Steak N Shake Salads

Menu Item Price
Taco Salad $3.99
Grilled Chicken Taco Salad $4.99
Grilled Chicken Salad $5.79
Fried Chicken Salad $5.79

Steak N Shake Chili Menu

Menu Item Price
Genuine Chili (Cup) $2.29
Genuine Chili (Bowl) $2.99
Chili Mac $3.99
Chili 5-Way $4.99
Chili 3-Way $3.99
Chili Mac Supreme $4.99
Chili Deluxe (Cup) $2.99
Chili Deluxe (Bowl) $3.99

Steak N Shake Sides Menu

Menu Item Price Size
Thin ‘n Crispy Fries $1.79 Small
Thin ‘n Crispy Fries $1.99 Regular
Thin ‘n Crispy Fries $2.59 Large
Cheese Fries $2.29 Small
Cheese Fries $2.99 Regular
Cheese Fries $3.59 Large
Chili Cheese Fries $2.79 Small
Chili Cheese Fries $3.49 Regular
Chili Cheese Fries $4.79 Large
Onion Rings $2.29 Regular
Onion Rings $2.99 Large
Garden Salad $1.99
Vegetable Soup (Cup) $2.29 Cup
Vegetable Soup (Bowl) $2.69 Bowl
Creamy Coleslaw $1.79
Applesauce $0.99
Baked Beans $1.99
Cottage Cheese $1.99

Steak N Shake Drinks

Beverage Price Size
Iced Tea $1.00 Sweetened/Unsweetened
Soft Drink (Regular) $1.79 Regular
Soft Drink (Large) $2.29 Large
Red Bull Energy Drink $1.99
Pure Life Bottled Water $1.79
Premium Blend Coffee (Regular) $1.00 Regular
Premium Blend Coffee (Large) $1.49 Large
Hot Tea $1.00
Hot Chocolate $1.39
Milk $1.59
Chocolate Milk $1.59

Steak N Shake Classic Milkshakes

Ice Cream Flavor Price
Chocolate $2.99
Vanilla $2.99
Strawberry $2.99
Banana $2.99

Current Steak N Shake Specialty Milkshakes

Ice Cream Flavor Price
Oreo® Cookie $3.69
Cookies ‘n Cream $3.69
Oreo® Cookie Mint $3.69
Chocolate Chip $3.69
Cookie Dough $3.69
M&M’s® $3.69
Butterfinger® $3.69
Kit Kat® $3.69
Snickers® $3.69
Birthday Cake $3.69
Cotton Candy $3.69
Nutella® $3.69
Reese’s® Chocolate $3.69
Peanut Butter $3.69
Reese’s® Peanut Butter Cup $3.69

Steak N Shake Kids Meal Prices

Kids’ Menu Item Price Inclusions
Steakburger $3.69 Soft Drink or Apple Juice, Choice of Fries or Applesauce
2 Steakburger Minis $3.99 Soft Drink or Apple Juice, Choice of Fries or Applesauce
Grilled Cheese $3.49 Soft Drink or Apple Juice, Choice of Fries or Applesauce
Mini Corn Dogs $3.69 Soft Drink or Apple Juice, Choice of Fries or Applesauce
Macaroni & Cheese $3.69 Soft Drink or Apple Juice, Choice of Fries or Applesauce
Chicken Fingers $3.99 Soft Drink or Apple Juice, Choice of Fries or Applesauce
Hot Dog $3.99 Soft Drink or Apple Juice, Choice of Fries or Applesauce
Kids’ Classic Milk Shake $2.29
Kids’ Specialty Milk Shake $2.89

Faqs About Steak n Shake Menu In The USA

1. What Is Steak n Shake Menu Specialty?

Steak ‘n Shake is known for its hand-dipped milkshakes and steakburgers. Steakburgers produced from sirloin and T-bone cuts have a unique flavor.

2. Can I Customize My Steakn Shake Burger?

You can! Steak ‘n Shake lets you customize your Steakburger with toppings and sauces. Cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, and more are allowed.

3. Are Steak n Shake Menus Vegetarian?

Steak ‘n Shake offers vegetarian alternatives such the Portobello ‘n Swiss Steakburger, Veggie Melt, and salads. The Veggie Classic Milkshake is available.

4. What Are Steak n Shake Milkshake Varieties?

Steak ‘n Shake serves chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry milkshakes. Oreo, Reese’s, and Nutella shakes are available.

5. Does Steak n Shake Offer Healthy Options?

They have salads and a Turkey Club Steakburger with fewer calories than their regular burgers.

6. What Sides Does Steak n Shake Offer?

You can order hand-cut fries, onion rings, coleslaw, and chili. Extra treats include chili cheese fries.

7. Are There Kid-Friendly Steak n Shake Options?

Yes, Steak ‘n Shake provides a kids’ menu with smaller steakburgers and fries or applesauce.

8. Can I Get Breakfast All Day At Steak n Shake?

You can get pancakes, omelets, and breakfast sandwiches at Steak ‘n Shake all day.

9. Does Steak n Shake Have Seasonal Or Limited-Time Menu Items?

Yes, they often offer pumpkin spice milkshakes or special specials, so check back.

10. Are There Gluten-Free Steak ‘n Shake Options?

Although Steak ‘n Shake does not have a gluten-free menu, some salads and shakes may be safe for gluten-sensitive customers. Ask about gluten-free options while ordering.

Alternatives Restaurant Steak N Shake In USA

Steak ‘n Shake is a popular chain of fast-food restaurants in the United States known for its burgers, milkshakes, and steakburgers. If you’re looking for alternatives to Steak ‘n Shake in the USA, there are several options depending on your preferences and location. Here are some alternatives:

1. Five Guys: Five Guys is a fast-casual burger chain known for its customizable burgers, fresh ingredients, and hand-cut fries. They have a wide range of burger toppings and milkshake flavors.

2. In-N-Out Burger: If you’re on the West Coast, In-N-Out Burger is a beloved regional chain offering simple yet delicious burgers, hand-cut fries, and milkshakes.

3. Shake Shack: Shake Shack is a popular burger and shake chain with locations across the country. They are known for their high-quality ingredients and unique sauce options.

4. Whataburger: Whataburger is a Southern fast-food chain known for its larger-than-life burgers and a variety of toppings. They also offer a range of milkshakes.

5. Culver’s: Culver’s is a Midwest-based chain known for its butterburgers and fresh frozen custard. They have a variety of burger options and a rotating menu of milkshake flavors.

Remember that the availability of these alternatives may vary depending on your location within the USA. It’s always a good idea to check online or use a food delivery app to find nearby options and explore their menus to see which one suits your preferences.

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