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Wawa Menu With Prices – A Food Lover’s Paradise

Wawa MenuWith a comprehensive Wawa menu from their kitchen and a choice of food options at reasonable pricing, Wawa is a chain of convenience stores and petrol stations. Wawa menu is extensive and reasonably priced, with meals starting at under $5 and larger options like pizzas and family-sized soups available for under $10.

The Wawa menu offers something for everyone, from breakfast meals to soups, bowls, sides, hoagies & sandwiches, quesadillas, freshly baked rolls, pizzas, chicken strips, salads, wraps, snacks, and beverages.

Wawa’s narrative is based in principles, motivated by purpose, and destined for growth as a privately held, family-owned corporation with over 200 years of expertise in American business. In addition to completing customer requests, Wawa is dedicated to enhancing people’s lives every day and fostering relationships that genuinely improve the quality of life for their clients, employees, and the communities they serve.

Please note that prices and menu items may vary based on locations and promotions.

Wawa Breakfast Menu

Item Price Size
Sizzlis $2.69 N/A
Breakfast Burritos $2.99 N/A
Breakfast Bowls $3.19 N/A
Hoagie Shorti (6 in.) $4.39 6 inches
Hoagie Classic (10 in.) $5.59 10 inches
Bagel $0.95 N/A
Bagel with Cream Cheese Cucumber Tomato $2.19 N/A
Bagel with Cream $1.59 N/A
Bagel with Butter $1.89 N/A
Oatmeal $1.99 Small (S)
Oatmeal $2.49 Medium (M)
Oatmeal $2.99 Large (L)

Wawa Soups

Soup Price Size
Chicken Noodle $2.49 Small (S)
Chicken Noodle $3.49 Medium (M)
Chicken Noodle $4.09 Large (L)
Chicken Noodle $7.29 Family
Baked Potato Cheddar Bacon $2.49 Small (S)
Baked Potato Cheddar Bacon $3.49 Medium (M)
Baked Potato Cheddar Bacon $4.09 Large (L)
Baked Potato Cheddar Bacon $7.29 Family
Chicken Corn Chowder $2.49 Small (S)
Chicken Corn Chowder $3.49 Medium (M)
Chicken Corn Chowder $4.09 Large (L)
Chicken Corn Chowder $7.29 Family
New England Clam Chowder $2.49 Small (S)
New England Clam Chowder $3.49 Medium (M)
New England Clam Chowder $4.09 Large (L)
New England Clam Chowder $7.29 Family
Broccoli Cheddar $2.49 Small (S)
Broccoli Cheddar $3.49 Medium (M)
Broccoli Cheddar $4.09 Large (L)
Broccoli Cheddar $7.29 Family

Wawa Sides Menu

Item Price Size
Mac & Cheese $2.49 Small (S)
Mac & Cheese $3.49 Medium (M)
Mac & Cheese $4.09 Large (L)
Mac & Cheese $7.29 Family
Mashed Potatoes $2.49 Small (S)
Mashed Potatoes $3.49 Medium (M)
Mashed Potatoes $4.09 Large (L)
Mashed Potatoes $7.29 Family
Meatballs $2.49 Small (S)
Meatballs $3.49 Medium (M)
Meatballs $4.09 Large (L)
Meatballs $7.29 Family
Ready-To-Go® Salad $4.99 N/A

Wawa Quesadillas

Item Price
Chicken or Beef Quesadilla $4.49
Cheese Quesadilla $3.99

Wawa Snacks

Item Price
Chocolate Chip Cookie $0.99
Stuffed Pretzels $1.69
Bagel Melt $3.99

Best Wawa Drinks

Beverage Price Size
Frozen Cappuccino $2.99 12 oz.
Frozen Cappuccino $3.99 24 oz.
Iced Latte $2.99 12 oz.
Iced Latte $3.99 24 oz.
Hot Latte $2.69 12 oz.
Hot Latte $2.99 16 oz.
Hot Chocolate $2.69 12 oz.
Hot Chocolate $2.99 16 oz.
Milkshake $2.99 12 oz.
Milkshake $3.99 24 oz.
Flurricane $4.09 16 oz.
Coffee $1.45 16 oz.
Coffee $1.65 24 oz.

1. What dishes from Wawa’s menu are famous?

Wawa is well known for its freshly brewed coffee and made-to-order hoagies (subs). They are well known for their convenience store fare, which includes soups, sandwiches, and snacks.

2. Does Wawa offer vegetarian food options?

Veggie hoagies, salads, and breakfast foods including oatmeal and yogurt parfait are just a few of the vegetarian alternatives available at Wawa.

3. Can I have my Wawa hoagie customized?

Absolutely! By selecting the type of bread, the meats, cheeses, toppings, and condiments that suit your palate, you may customize your hoagie.

4. What breakfast options does Wawa offer?

Along with freshly brewed coffee, Wawa offers a variety of breakfast selections such breakfast sandwiches, breakfast burritos, bagels, and hot oatmeal.

5. Does Wawa offer options for healthful food?

Yes, Wawa offers a variety of nutritious options, such as salads, wraps, and fruit cups. Customers who care about their health can also choose from low-fat and whole-grain choices.

6. Which kind of coffee are available at Wawa?

Coffee mixes are available at Wawa in standard, decaffeinated, and flavored varieties. For customisation, they also provide a variety of creamers and sweeteners.

7. Does Wawa provide any seasonal specials?

Yes, Wawa frequently offers seasonal specials, like as Pumpkin Spice coffee in the fall or momentary sandwiches based on area events and holidays.

8. Can I use a mobile app or the internet to order food?

Yes, Wawa has a smartphone app that lets you pre-order your favorite items, which is useful for customers who are constantly on the go.

9. Does Wawa offer allergy-friendly food for customers with dietary restrictions?

You can find selections that satisfy different dietary constraints, such as gluten-free or nut-free options, on the Wawa menu, which also lists allergen information.

10. Is there a loyalty or rewards program offered by Wawa?

Yes, Wawa has a rewards program called “Wawa Rewards” that provides loyal consumers with special offers, discounts, and free merchandise. Through their website or app, you can register for it.

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