1st Watch Menu Prices

1st Watch Menu Prices –  Breakfast, Sandwiches, lunch 2024

1st Watch Menu PricesFirst Watch is an American casual eating establishment owned by the public. This article covers the 1st watch menu prices and more.

Their menu includes smoked salmon eggs benedict, lemon ricotta pancakes, avocado toast, egg sandwiches, salads, power bowls, sides, sandwiches, juice, beverages, and more.

Freshly prepared breakfast and lunch are their speciality. 1st Watch specialises on award-winning made-to-order breakfast, brunch, and lunch.

Their restaurants offer deliveries and takeaway, and you may order anything you want to eat at home using their iOS app “First Watch.”

In 1983, Ken Pendery and John Sullivan launched First Watch. Pacific Grove, California got its first restaurant in 1983.

The First Watch headquarters moved to Bradenton, Florida, in 1986. Christopher A. Tomasso is First Watch CEO and President.

1st Watch has over 420 restaurants in 28 states. The First Watch is based in Bradenton, Florida.

I recommend First Watch for the greatest breakfast. See the 1st Watch menu prices, and more here.

First Watch Fresh Seasoned Potatoes

Menu Item Price
The Traditional $8.19


  • Two fresh eggs, any style.
  • Choice of grilled ham steak, thick-sliced bacon, turkey sausage, or sausage links.
  • Served with an English muffin and fresh, seasoned potatoes.

The Healthier Side

Menu Item Price
Avocado Toast $9.99
Healthy Turkey $9.99
A.M. Superfoods Bowl $8.69
Sunrise Granola Bowl $8.49
Steel-Cut Oatmeal $7.99
Tri-Athlete $9.29
Power Wrap $9.49

First Watch Egg Benedict

Menu Item Price
Chickichanga $10.99
Eggs Benedict $10.99
Eggs Benedict Classic $10.99
Eggs Benedict Florentine $10.99
Eggs Benedict BLT $10.99
Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon (Extra) $10.99 + $2.20
The Elevated Egg Sandwich $9.99
Farm Stand Breakfast Tacos $10.29
Biscuits And Turkey Sausage Gravy With Eggs $10.59
Skillet Hash Farmhouse $10.99
Skillet Hash Parma $10.99
Skillet Hash Market $10.99

Note: The “Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon” has an additional charge of $2.20.

First Watch Omelets

Menu Item Price
Bacado $10.69
Ham & Gruyere $10.39
Chile Chorizo $10.29
Morning Market Veg $10.39
Inspired Italian $10.29
The Works $10.99
Frittata Rustica $10.59
Smoked Salmon & Roasted Vegetable Frittata $11.49

First Watch Pancake

Menu Item Serving Size Price
Plain Pancakes (One) One $4.99
Plain Pancakes (Two) Two $6.79
Banana Granola Crunch Pancakes (One) One $4.99
Banana Granola Crunch Pancakes (Two) Two $6.79
Carrot Cake & Pecan Pancakes (One) One $4.99
Carrot Cake & Pecan Pancakes (Two) Two $6.79
Chocolate Chip Pancakes (One) One $4.99
Chocolate Chip Pancakes (Two) Two $6.79
Blueberry Pancakes (One) One $4.99
Blueberry Pancakes (Two) Two $6.79
Lemon Ricotta Pancakes N/A $9.89
Belgian Waffle N/A $8.59
French Toast N/A $9.79
Floridian French Toast N/A $9.99

First Watch Power Bowl

Menu Item Price
Power Breakfast Quinoa Bowl $9.69
Pesto Chicken Quinoa Bowl $9.99

First Watch Sides

Menu Item Description Price
Bob’s Red Mill Grits Buttered $2.19
  Cheesy $2.49
Fresh, Seasonal Fruit Small $3.99
  Large $4.99
Fresh, Seasoned Potatoes   $2.99
Biscuits & Gravy   $4.99
Whole Grain Artisan Toast With All-Natural House Preserves   $1.99
English Muffin   $1.59
Udi’s Gluten Free Toast   $1.99
Fresh Baked Muffin Of The Day   $2.49
Million Dollar Bacon   $4.99
Hardwood Smoked Bacon   $4.89
Smoked Ham   $3.89
Pork Sausage   $3.89
Savory Chicken Sausage Patties   $3.89
Turkey Sausage   $3.89
Lemon Dressed Organic Mixed Greens   $2.49
Bowl Of Soup Tomato Basil or Soup of the Day $4.49

First Watch Salad Menu

Menu Item Price
Superfood Kale $9.69
Chicken Avocado Chop $9.79
Cobb $9.69
Sweet Honey Pecan $9.79

First Watch Sandwiches

Menu Item Price
Monterey Club $9.99
Blte $9.69
Baja Turkey Burger $9.69
Market Veggie Market Veggie $9.19
Roast Beef & Havarti $9.79
Ham & Gruyere Melt $9.29
Veggie Burger $9.69
Chicken Salad Melt $9.89

2 For You

Menu Item Price
Half Sandwich & Cup of Soup $7.99
Half Sandwich & Half Salad $7.99
Half Salad & Cup of Soup $7.99

First Watch Juice Bar Menu

Menu Item Price
Kale Tonic $3.99
Morning Meditation $3.99

First Watch Drinks

Menu Item Price (may vary)
Project Sunrise Coffee Price may vary
Cold Brew Coffee Price may vary
Iced Coffee Price may vary
Herbal Teas Price may vary
Fresh-Brewed Iced Tea Price may vary
Hot Chocolate Price may vary
Coca-Cola Soft Drinks Price may vary
Low-Fat Milk Price may vary
100% Cold Squeezed Orange Juice Price may vary
Grapefruit Price may vary
Apple, Cranberry, Tomato Price may vary

FAQs About First Watch Menu Prices The USA

What Is The Average First Watch Breakfast Price Range?

Breakfast at First Watch costs between $8 and $15, depending on menu and locations.

Are There Any Kid-Friendly Menus And Prices?

First Watch has a kids’ menu with $4–$7 options for younger guests.

Do First Watch Menu Pricing Vary By Location?

First Watch menu prices may vary by location owing to regional operational costs.

Are There Senior Or Veteran Discounts Or Promotions?

Some First Watch locations provide senior or veteran discounts. Ask your local restaurant for specifics.

Are There Additional Fees For Order Customization?

First Watch allows customization, however additional fees depend on the adjustments.

Do Meals Include Drinks Or Do They Cost Extra?

Coffee and tea are usually included with meals, but fresh-squeezed juices may cost extra.

How Much Do First Watch Lunch And Brunch Items Cost?

Lunch and brunch at First Watch cost from $9 and $16, depending on the food.

What Are The Vegetarian And Vegan Alternatives And Prices?

Yes, First Watch has vegetarian and vegan options, usually priced between $9 and $15.

Does Adding Avocado Or Toppings Cost Extra?

Add-ons and toppings may cost more, depending on the item and location. Prices vary.

Does First Watch Give Frequent Diner Rewards?

First Watch may offer loyalty or rewards at some locations. Ask your local eatery about similar programmes.

First Watch Alternative Restaurants  USA

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Denny’s: This 24/7 diner serves breakfast, lunch, and supper with a varied breakfast menu.

Eggs Up Grill serves omelettes, pancakes, and breakfast sandwiches.

Perkins Restaurant & pastry: This family-friendly restaurant serves breakfast, pastry, and comfort meals.

Morning restaurant Snooze: Snooze serves inventive breakfast tacos and benedicts for breakfast and brunch.

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery:The Original Pancake House serves pancakes, crepes, and omelettes for breakfast.

Waffle House: Waffle House serves waffles, omelettes, and other breakfast items 24/7.

Cora’s Breakfast & Lunch: This Canadian chain serves fresh, healthy breakfast and brunch in the US.

Golden Corral: Golden Corral’s buffet-style breakfast is known for hearty breakfasts.

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