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Culvers Menu With Prices Delights – What to Try Today?

Culvers MenuAccording to Restaurant Business, Culvers Menu came in fourth place overall among millennials in the quick service category.

All you foodies take note! Do you want to upgrade your lunch break with some chili cheddar fries, warm, fresh chicken tenders that have never been near a freezer, or real burgers? There is only one place to go if you want to sample this wonderful cuisine: Culvers.

If you’re not sure where to start, we strongly suggest tasting one of our renowned Butterburgers. This burger will satisfy your cravings because it is made with fresh, never frozen meat and is topped with a lightly buttered toasted bun, mayo, pickles, and grilled onions. If burgers aren’t your thing, don’t worry—we also have a wide variety of other mouthwatering dishes to choose from, including sandwiches, well-seasoned chicken tenders, crisp salads, chili cheese fries, pretzels, and more.

Not to be overlooked is our famous frozen custard. Without a chocolate sundae topped with marshmallow cream, candy sprinkles, and fresh strawberries, no fantastic burger experience is complete.

So why are you still waiting? Today, treat yourself to a wonderful supper at Culvers menu!

Four categories at the 2020 Thrillist’s Fasties Awards went to Culvers:

  • ButterBurger Cheese is the best burger.
  • Top Coffee
  • Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Sauce is the best sauce.
  • Year’s Regional Chain

Please note that prices and menu items may vary based on locations and promotions.


Burger Name Price Size
Pepper Grinder Pub Burger $5.99 Single
Pepper Grinder Pub Burger $7.89 Double
Pepper Grinder Pub Burger $9.79 Triple
The Culver’s® Deluxe $4.09 Single
The Culver’s® Deluxe $6.49 Double
The Culver’s® Deluxe $8.69 Triple
The Culver’s® Bacon Deluxe $4.79 Single
The Culver’s® Bacon Deluxe $7.09 Double
The Culver’s® Bacon Deluxe $9.39 Triple
Butterburger® Cheese $3.69 Single
Butterburger® Cheese $5.99 Double
Butterburger® Cheese $8.29 Triple
Butterburger® $3.29 Single
Butterburger® $5.19 Double
Butterburger® $7.09 Triple
Mushroom & Swiss $4.39 Single
Mushroom & Swiss $6.69 Double
Mushroom & Swiss $8.99 Triple
Sourdough Melt $4.39 Single
Sourdough Melt $6.69 Double
Sourdough Melt $8.99 Triple
Wisconsin Swiss Melt $4.39 Single
Wisconsin Swiss Melt $6.69 Double
Wisconsin Swiss Melt $8.99 Triple

Chicken & Sandwiches

Item Price Quantity
Original Chicken Tenders (1 pc) $2.19 1 pc
Original Chicken Tenders (2 pc) $3.89 2 pc
Original Chicken Tenders (4 pc) $6.49 4 pc
Original Chicken Tenders (8 pc) $11.89 8 pc
Buffalo Chicken Tenders (1 pc) $2.19 1 pc
Buffalo Chicken Tenders (2 pc) $3.89 2 pc
Buffalo Chicken Tenders (4 pc) $6.49 4 pc
Buffalo Chicken Tenders (8 pc) $11.89 8 pc
Crispy Chicken $5.89 N/A
Spicy Crispy Chicken $5.99 N/A
Grilled Chicken $6.29 N/A
Beef Pot Roast $6.39 N/A
Grilled Renben Melt $6.89 N/A
Pork Loin $5.99 N/A
Harvest Veggie Burger $4.99 N/A
Grilled Cheese $3.39 N/A
Corn Dog $3.29 N/A

Seafood & Salads

Item Price Quantity
North Atlantic Cod Sandwich $6.39 N/A
North Atlantic Cod Dinner (2 pc) $12.39 2 pc
North Atlantic Cod Dinner (3 pc) $15.29 3 pc
Butterfly Jumbo Shrimp Dinner (6 pc) $10.39 6 pc
Butterfly Jumbo Shrimp Dinner (10 pc) $12.79 10 pc
Butterfly Jumbo Shrimp (3 pc) $4.69 3 pc
Butterfly Jumbo Shrimp (6 pc) $7.09 6 pc
Butterfly Jumbo Shrimp (10 pc) $9.09 10 pc
Strawberry Fields Salad $8.09 N/A
Chicken Cashew Salad $7.99 N/A
Cranberry Bacon Bleu Salad $7.99 N/A
Garden Fresco Salad $7.99 N/A


Side Item Price Size
Crinkle Cut Fries (Small) $1.99 Small
Crinkle Cut Fries (Medium) $2.19 Medium
Crinkle Cut Fries (Large) $2.69 Large
Wisconsin Cheese Curds (Medium) $3.99 Medium
Wisconsin Cheese Curds (Large) $6.49 Large
Wisconsin Cheese Curds (Family) $9.49 Family
Onion Rings (Medium) $3.19 Medium
Onion Rings (Large) $5.19 Large
Onion Rings (Family) $7.19 Family
Pretzel Bites (Medium) $3.99 Medium
George’s® Chili (Medium) $3.89 Medium
George’s® Chili (Large) $6.39 Large
George’s® Chili Supreme (Medium) $3.99 Medium
George’s® Chili Supreme (Large) $6.49 Large
Chili Cheddar Fries (Medium) $3.99 Medium
Chili Cheddar Fries (Family) $9.49 Family
Steamed Broccoli (Medium) $2.19 Medium
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy (Medium) $2.19 Medium
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy (Large) $3.49 Large
Coleslaw (Medium) $2.19 Medium
Coleslaw (Large) $3.49 Large
Garden Side Salad $3.19 N/A
Applesauce $1.99 N/A


Beverage Price Size
Fountain Drink (Small) $1.99 Small
Fountain Drink (Medium) $2.19 Medium
Fountain Drink (Large) $2.59 Large
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea (Small) $1.99 Small
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea (Medium) $2.19 Medium
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea (Large) $2.59 Large
White Milk $1.99 N/A
Chocolate Milk $1.99 N/A
Apple Juice $1.99 N/A
Signature Roast Coffee (Regular) $1.99 Regular
Signature Roast Coffee (Decaf) $1.99 Decaf
Bottled Water $1.99 N/A

Fresh Frozen Custard

Dessert Item Price Size
Cincrete Mixer® (Mini) $3.79 Mini
Cincrete Mixer® (Small) $4.09 Small
Cincrete Mixer® (Medium) $4.79 Medium
Cincrete Mixer® (Large) $5.79 Large
Shake (Small) $3.69 Small
Shake (Medium) $4.39 Medium
Shake (Large) $5.39 Large
Malt (Small) $3.89 Small
Malt (Medium) $4.59 Medium
Malt (Large) $5.59 Large
Turtle Sundae (1 Scoop) $5.39 1 Scoop
Turtle Sundae (2 Scoops) $6.39 2 Scoops
Turtle Sundae (3 Scoops) $6.99 3 Scoops
Caramel Cashew Sundae (1 Scoop) $5.39 1 Scoop
Caramel Cashew Sundae (2 Scoops) $6.39 2 Scoops
Caramel Cashew Sundae (3 Scoops) $6.99 3 Scoops
Culver’s® Root Beer Float (Small) $3.89 Small
Culver’s® Root Beer Float (Medium) $4.59 Medium
Culver’s® Root Beer Float (Large) $5.59 Large
Handpacked Pint (Vanilla) $4.79 Vanilla
Handpacked Pint (Chocolate) $4.79 Chocolate

Culvers lemon Ice

Dessert Item Price Size
Cooler (Small) $3.69 Small
Cooler (Medium) $4.29 Medium
Cooler (Large) $5.29 Large
Smoothie (Small) $3.69 Small
Smoothie (Medium) $4.29 Medium
Smoothie (Large) $5.29 Large
Dish (1 Scoop) $2.69 1 Scoop
Dish (2 Scoops) $3.69 2 Scoops
Dish (3 Scoops) $4.19 3 Scoops

 Culvers Kids Meals

Kids’ Meal Item Price
Single Butterburger® Cheese Kids’ Meal $6.39
Single Butterburger® Kids’ Meal $6.39
2 pc Original Chicken Tenders Kids’ Meal $6.39
2 pc Buffalo Chicken Tenders Kids’ Meal $6.39
Grilled Cheese Kids’ Meal $6.39
Corn Dog Kids’ Meal $6.39

Sauces & Dressings

Sauces & Dressings Price
Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Sauce $0.79
Dip & Squeeze Ketchup $0.00
Culver’s® Signature Sauce $0.35
Buttermilk Ranch $0.35
Della Terra® Marinara $0.35
Sweet Baby Ray’s® BBQ $0.35
Honey Mustard $0.35
Frank’s RedHot® Buffalo Sauce $0.35
Ken’s® Boom Boom Sauce $0.35
Tartar Sauce $0.35
Ken’s Blue Cheese $0.25
Culver’s® Vinaigrette $0.25
Cocktail Sauce $0.35
Ken’s® Raspberry Vinaigrette $0.25
Ken’s Country French $0.25
Horseradish $0.00
Hot Sauce $0.00
Malt Vinegar $0.00
Mayo $0.00
Yellow Mustard $0.00
Salt $0.00
Pepper $0.00
Butter $0.00

FAQs about Culvers menu in the USA

FAQ 1: What are the different sizes available for Culver’s Crinkle Cut Fries?

Answer: Culver’s Crinkle Cut Fries come in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large, each with its respective price.

FAQ 2: Can I customize my Butterburger at Culver’s?

Answer: Yes, you can customize your Butterburger at Culver’s by choosing from various toppings and condiments to suit your preferences.

FAQ 3: What are the options for Culver’s dessert items?

Answer: Culver’s offers a variety of dessert items, including Cincrete Mixers, Shakes, Malts, Sundaes, Root Beer Floats, and more.

FAQ 4: Are there any vegetarian options on the Culver’s menu?

Answer: Yes, Culver’s offers vegetarian options such as the Grilled Cheese Kids’ Meal and the Harvest Veggie Burger.

FAQ 5: What is included in a Culver’s Kids’ Meal?

Answer: A Culver’s Kids’ Meal includes an entree, a side item (like Crinkle Cut Fries or Applesauce), and a small drink.

FAQ 6: Can I order online from Culver’s and customize my meal?

Answer: Yes, you can order online from Culver’s and customize your meal by choosing your preferred ingredients and options.

FAQ 7: Are there any gluten-free options on the Culver’s menu?

Answer: Culver’s offers some gluten-free options, and you can inquire about specific menu items and allergen information at the restaurant.

FAQ 8: What are the available sizes for Culver’s Fountain Drinks?

Answer: Culver’s Fountain Drinks come in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large, each with its respective price.

FAQ 9: How many scoops of ice cream are in a Culver’s Turtle Sundae?

Answer: A Culver’s Turtle Sundae is available with 1 scoop, 2 scoops, or 3 scoops of ice cream, depending on your preference.

FAQ 10: What dipping sauces are available at Culver’s?

Answer: Culver’s offers a variety of dipping sauces, including Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Sauce, Culver’s Signature Sauce, Buttermilk Ranch, and many more, to complement your meal.

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