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Skyline Chili’s Menu – Fries, Dessert, Bowls Updated 2024

skyline chili's menuSkyline Chili is a privately owned US casual dining chain. This article covers the Skyline chili’s menu, prices, and more.

Their menu includes burritos, wraps, fries, cones, salads, bowls, sandwiches, hotdogs, extras, desserts, drinks, and more. Delicious cheese coneys and 3-ways are their specialty.

Their restaurants serve kids’ meals. Skyline Chili specializes on Cincinnati-style chili. Their restaurants offer delivery and takeout, and you can use their iOS appSkyline Chili” to order anything.

Skyline Nick Lambrinides developed Chili in 1949. He founded the first Cincinnati restaurant in 1949. They opened another restaurant in 1953.

By 1960, they had 110 restaurants. Pittsburgh’s Skyline Chili began in 1980.

Fleet Equity Partners owns Skyline Chili, which Kevin McDonnell runs as CEO and president.

Skyline Chili has 160 US restaurants in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Florida. Skyline Chili’s headquarters are in Fairfield, Ohio.

If you love cheese coneys, try Skyline Chili. First, verify Skyline Chili’s hours. Check out the Skyline Chili menu, prices, and more here.

Please note that prices and menu items may vary based on locations and promotions.

Popular Items

Item Price
3-Way $8.24
Regular 3 Way $9.28
Sky Fries $3.24
Chili Deluxe Burrito $7.42
Chilito $5.04
Cheddar Potato $4.48
Garden Salad $4.19
Large 3 Way $11.65
3 Way Chili $6.49
Vegetarian Black Bean Deluxe Burrito $7.45
Regular 5 Way $9.70
5-Way Potato $7.88
Oreo Cookie and Cream Cheesecake $5.99
Kids’ Coney Special $3.72
Greek Chicken $6.88
Large 5 Way $12.12


Item Price
Original Deluxe Burrito $8.33
Skyline Chili Potatoes  
Item Price
3-Way Potato $7.12


Item Price
Greek Chicken Wrap $8.08
Buffalo Chicken Wrap $8.06
Classic Chicken Wrap $7.93

Skyline Chili Fries

Item Price
Chili Cheese Fries $6.54
Cheese Fries $4.42
Fries $2.38

Skyline Chili Coneys

Item Price
Cheese Coney $2.89
Regular Coney $2.17
Regular Chili Sandwich $1.97
Chili Cheese Sandwich $2.76
3 Cheese Coneys Chili and Cheese on Side $9.31
3 Chili Cheese Sandwiches Chili and Cheese on the Side $9.31

Skyline Chili Ways

Item Price
4-Way $9.53
5-Way $6.43
Chili Spaghetti $5.88
Large Spaghetti with Cheese $7.66
Regular Chili Spaghetti $7.36
Vegetarian Ways: 3-Way Black Beans & Rice $7.67
Large Chili Spaghetti $9.06
Regular 4 Way $9.57
Large 4 Way $11.83
Regular Spaghetti with Cheese $6.04


Item Price
Buffalo Chicken Salad $10.95
Regular Greek Salad $7.26
Buffalo Salad w/ Chicken $9.83
Regular Garden Salad $6.30
Greek Salad – Regular $9.00
Garden Salad – Regular $6.71
Greek Salad $3.33

Steamed Potatoes

Item Price
Sour Cream Potato $3.06

Kids’ Menu

Item Price
Kids’ 3-Way Special $5.03
Kids’ P’sghetti Special $3.39
Kids’ Hot Doggy Special $4.34

Skyline Chili Wraps

Item Price
Buffalo Chicken $7.02
Wrap Greek Chicken $10.26
Classic Chicken $7.12
Wrap Buffalo Chicken $10.26
Wrap Classic Chicken $10.26

Skyline Chili Bowl

Item Price
Loaded Chili Bowl $6.78
Coney Bowl $7.28
Chili Bowl $6.21
Vegetarian Black Beans & Rice $5.51
Pint of Chili $8.93
Pint of Beans and Rice $8.59

Skyline Chili Vegetarian

Item Price
Black Beans & Rice Chilito $2.23

Skyline Chili Hot Dogs Price

Item Price
Single Weiner in Bun with Cheese $2.55
Double Weiner in Bun with Cheese $2.87

Family Meals

Item Price
10 Pack Of Cheese Coneys $32.46
Family Cheese Coney Bar $41.99

Skyline Chili Extra

Item Price
Side of Extreme Cheese $2.53
Side of Sour Cream $0.78
Side of Cheese $2.33
Side of Onions $0.61
Side of Ranch $0.78
Side of Chili Ranch $0.75
Extra Hot Sauce Packets $0.10
Bag of Crackers $0.25

Skyline Chili Dessert Menu

Item Price
White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake $5.99
Funnel Fries $4.10
York Mint $0.32

Skyline Chili Drinks

Skyline Chili Drinks

Item Price
Soft Drinks $2.26
Iced Tea $2.01
Coffee $1.44
Sweet Tea $2.02
Sweet Iced Tea $2.62
Hot Tea $1.45
1% Milk $1.05
Unsweet Iced Tea $2.62
1% Chocolate Milk $1.92
1% White Milk $1.92
Dole Lemonade $2.64
Gallon of Sweet Tea $5.92
Chocolate Milk $1.62
Gallon of Unsweet Tea $5.89

Skyline Locations 

FAQs About Skyline Chili’s Menu USA

Skyline Chili’s Most Popular Dish?

A: Skyline Chili’s most popular dish is the “3-Way,” which consists of spaghetti with chili sauce and shredded cheddar cheese.

Are There Vegetarian Choices At Skyline Chili? 

A: Skyline Chili’s Vegetarian 3-Way and Veggie Burrito have meatless chili and vegetarian toppings.

Can I Change The Spiciness Of My Chili Order?

A: Yes! Skyline Chili offers mild, medium, and hot chili.

Are There Gluten-Free Choices On The Skyline Chili Menu?

A: Skyline Chili has a detailed gluten-free menu for guests with dietary concerns.

What Is The Difference Between A “4-Way” And “5-Way” Chili At Skyline Chili?

A: A “4-Way” adds kidney or pinto beans to the 3-Way, while a “5-Way” adds beans, sliced onions, spaghetti, chili, and cheese.

 Does Skyline Chili Provide Takeaway Or Delivery?

A: Most Skyline Chili locations provide takeaway or delivery, making it easy to enjoy your favorite foods at home.

What Are Skyline Chili’s Options For Kids’ Meals?

A: Skyline Chili has little cheese coneys, kids’ spaghetti, and more for younger eaters.

Does Skyline Chili Have A Dessert Menu? 

A: Skyline Chili’s dessert menu features the “Cheese Coney Sundae,” a sweet take on their cheese coney.

Are There Seasonal Or Limited-Time Menu Items At Skyline Chili?

A: Skyline Chili has seasonal and limited-time options, so check their menu or ask in-store.

Can I Order Skyline Chili Gift Cards For Friends Or Family?

A: Skyline Chili gift cards make terrific gifts for chili-loving friends and family.

Skyline Chili’s Alternatives

Gold Star Chili:, established in Cincinnati, serves coneys and 3-ways.

Empress Chili: A Cincinnati institution, Empress Chili serves classic chili and has a dedicated following.

Dixie Chili: Chili lovers love Northern Kentucky’s Dixie Chili for its unique chili recipes.

Camp Washington Chili: Another Cincinnati chili place with vintage recipes and a nostalgic atmosphere serving chili and diner-style food.

Ben’s Chili Bowl: A Washington, D.C. institution serving hearty bowls of chili, legendary half-smokes, and a variety of American staples.

Tommy’s Original World Famous Hamburgers: A San Francisco favorite for hearty comfort food including chili and chili burgers.

The Hat: A Southern California chain known for its “chili size” burger and other chili-based dishes.

Wendy’s: Wendy’s offers a popular chili option on their menu, making it a quick and easy choice for chili lovers.

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