Heart Attack Grill Menu Prices

Heart Attack Grill Menu Prices – Burgers, Hot Dog [Jan 2024]

Heart Attack Grill Menu PricesWelcome to the Heart Attack Grill Menu Prices, an extraordinary culinary journey on Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas. In this unique dining haven, the norms of traditional menus fade away, and indulgence takes center stage.

Upon entering, a friendly waitress, dressed as a nurse, warmly welcomes you, setting the tone for an unconventional experience. You’re not just a customer; you’re “admitted” with a hospital wristband and gown. Step onto the scale, where your weight not only measures but qualifies you for a special offer – weighing 350 lbs or more grants you unlimited Single Bypass Burgers.

Seated in a nostalgic 50’s diner setting, the atmosphere is far from ordinary. Details like Lucky Strike’s, giant prescription bottles, modified movie posters, and humorous urinals contribute to the unique charm of this establishment.

Heart Attack Grill Menu

Heart Attack Grill Menu

The menu defies conventionality, featuring the famous Bypass Burgers, from a modest Single Bypass to the colossal Octuple Bypass Burger. Toppings include cheese, tomato, and onions sautéed in lard, bacon, and chili. Accompany your heart-stopping burger with Flatliner Fries, deep-fried in pure lard, and outrageous drinks like a butterfat milkshake served with a pat of butter.

Guinness Book of World Record 

In 2013, the Heart Attack Grill made history with the Quadruple Bypass Burger, a 9,982-calorie delight. This record-holder comprises 4 ½ pound hamburgers, lard, bacon, American cheese, caramelized onions, tomato slices, mayonnaise, ketchup, and mustard.

Having personally experienced the Heart Attack Grill, I can vouch for the surreal ambiance and audacious culinary offerings. It’s not just a meal; it’s a performance, an exploration into the extreme. Nostalgia intertwines with over-the-top elements, creating a dining escapade like no other.

In the heart of Las Vegas, where excess is celebrated, the Heart Attack Grill stands as a symbol of unapologetic indulgence. It’s a place where boundaries are pushed, and every bite is an affirmation of living life on the edge.


Flavor Price
Vanilla $4.63
Strawberry $4.63
Coke Freeze $4.63
Chocolate $4.63
Maple $4.63


Flavor Price
Chocolate Brownie $6.48
Chocolate Peanut Butter $6.48
Cheesecake $6.48
Maple Bacon $6.48


Flavor Price
XXX Rated $9.23

Frozen Dreamsicles

Beverage Price
Cocacola $1.85
Lime $4.63
Mango $4.63
Strawberry $4.63
Dasani $1.85
Orange $4.63
Coconut $4.63

Vegan Heart Attack Grill Menu

Product Description Price
1.00% leaf tobacco (no meat additives) Cigarettes $2.78

Heart Attack Grill Menu Cononary Dog

Toppings Price
Chili $8.83
Onions $8.83
Cheese $8.83

Deep Fried In Pure Lard

Deep Fried In Pure Lard
image credit:instagram.com/heartattackgrill
Menu Item Price
Flatliner Fries  
– With chili & cheese $4.63
Single Bypass Burger $8.33
Triple Bypass Burger $12.30
Quadruple Bypass Burger $13.88
Quintuple Bypass Burger $15.73
Sextuple Bypass Burger $17.58
Septuple Bypass Burger $18.48
Double Bypass Burger $10.18
Octuple Bypass Burger $21.28

Heart Attack Grill Vodka

Beverage Description Price
Jello Shots   $4.63
24 Oz Beer   $4.63
Penisillin Penis-shaped syringes. Available in black or white $9.23
Red or White Wine with IV bag & pole $13.88

Heart Attack Grill Alcohol

Alcoholic Beverages Price
Jack Daniels $11.10
Jim Beam  
Honey Jack  
Jose Cuervo $13.88
Captain Morgan  
Grey Goose  

Additional Items:

  • 100 Cc Pill Bottles (That’s a 3.4 oz shot!) Custom labeled with your name
  • If you do not finish your meal, the nurse will administer spankings!
  • Dauquiris, Screwdrivers, Margaritas
  • Keep the Paddle For $6.48

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FAQs About Heart Attack Grill  Menu Prices 

Why Did The Heart Attack Grill Closed?

Blair River, the person who talked about the restaurant, passed away on March 1, 2011, at 29 years old. He had complications from pneumonia. After that, on May 31, 2011, the Arizona place closed.

Can You Use Lard For Deep Frying?

Fried food can be bad for you, but if you use the right oils like olive oil, coconut oil, or lard, it can be a delicious treat when eaten in moderation.

How Many Calories In A Heart Attack Grill Burger?

I went to the famous Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas a couple of months back to take on their legendary Octuple Bypass Burger, which, as per Guinness World Records, packs a whopping 20,000 calories!

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