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Shake Shack Menu Prices – Updated 2024 – MPC 

Shake Shack Menu PricesThe Shake Shack is a chain of fast food restaurants found only in select areas. Shake Shack menu prices are more than average for fast food joints because of its popularity in the New York City area.

Burgers, hotdogs, fries, shakes, and frozen custard are just few of the products on the menu. 

Burgers, hand-cut fries, frozen custard, chocolate, drinks, beer, and wine are just some of the many foods available at Shake Shack.

The latest pricing information for items on the Shake Shack menu is shown below.

Please note that prices and menu items may vary based on locations and promotions.

Shake Shack Burgers Menu

Item Price Size
ShackBurger (Single) $5.29 Single
ShackBurger (Double) $8.09 Double
SmokeShack (Single) $6.84 Single
SmokeShack (Double) $9.64 Double
Shroom Burger (Vegetarian) $6.99 Single
Shack Shack $9.59 Single
Hamburger (Single) $4.29 Single
Hamburger (Double) $6.59 Double
Add Bacon $1.55

Shake Shack Chicken

Item Price
Chicken Shack $6.20

Shake Shack Flat -Top Dogs

Item Price
Shack-cago Dog $4.25
Hot Dog $3.25
Chicken Dog $4.50

Shake Shack Crinkle Cut Fries

Item Price
Shack-cago Dog $4.25
Hot Dog $3.25
Chicken Dog $4.50
Fries $2.99
Cheese Fries $3.99

Shake Shack Frozen Custard Menu

Item Price
Shakes $5.29
Make It Malted $0.50
Add Whipped Cream $0.50
Shake of The Week $5.59
Floats – Root Beer, Purple Cow, or Creamsicle $5.29
Cup or Cone – Single Dip $3.59
Cup or Cone – Double Dip $4.59
Pint To Go $5.99
Concretes – Single $4.59
Concretes – Double $6.79
Design Your Own Concrete – Single $3.59
Design Your Own Concrete – Double $4.79
Mix-Ins $0.60

Shake Shack Drinks Menu

Item Price Size
Shack-Made Lemonade – Regular $2.80 Regular
Shack-Made Lemonade – Large $3.55 Large
Organic Fresh Brewed Iced Tea – Regular $2.30 Regular
Organic Fresh Brewed Iced Tea – Large $2.80 Large
Fifty/Fifty – Regular $2.55 Regular
Fifty/Fifty – Large $3.30 Large
Fountain Soda – Regular $2.30 Regular
Fountain Soda – Large $2.80 Large
Draught Root Beer – Regular $2.80 Regular
Draught Root Beer – Large $3.55 Large
Organic Apple Juice – Regular (6.75 oz.) $1.90 Regular (6.75 oz.)
Bottled Water – Regular (710 ml.) $2.40 Regular (710 ml.)
Stumptown Cold Brewed Coffee $4.75  

Shake Shack Beer Price

Item Price Size
ShackMeister Ale – Draught (16 oz.) $5.69 16 oz.
ShackMeister Ale – Draught (24 oz.) $7.69 24 oz.

Shake Shack Wine

Item Price Size
Shack White $7.89 Glass (6 oz.)
Shack Red $8.89 Glass (6 oz.)
Shack White $28.39 Bottle (750 ml.)
Shack Red $31.99 Bottle (750 ml.)

Faqs Related To The Shake Shack Menu In The USA

1. Faq: What Are The Different Types Of Burgers Available At Shake Shack?

Answer: Shake Shack offers a variety of burgers, including the classic ShackBurger, SmokeShack, ‘Shroom Burger (vegetarian), and the Shack Stack, which combines a cheeseburger and a ‘Shroom Burger.

2. Faq: Are There Any Gluten-Free Options On The Shake Shack Menu?

Answer: Yes, Shake Shack offers gluten-free options. You can enjoy their gluten-free ShackBurger or opt for a gluten-free bun when customizing your burger.

3. Faq: Can I Customize My Shake Shack Burger?

Answer: Absolutely! Shake Shack allows you to customize your burger by choosing from a range of toppings, including lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, and a variety of sauces.

4. Faq: What Sides And Snacks Can I Order At Shake Shack?

Answer: You can complement your burger with sides like crinkle-cut fries, cheese fries, and their signature cheese sauce. Snack on items like Chick’n Bites and hot dogs.

5. Faq: Does Shake Shack Have Vegetarian Options?

Answer: Yes, Shake Shack offers vegetarian options, such as the ‘Shroom Burger, which features a fried portobello mushroom filled with cheese.

6. Faq: Are There Any Vegan Menu Items At Shake Shack?

Answer: While Shake Shack menu is limited in vegan options, you can modify your order to be vegan-friendly by omitting cheese and selecting vegan sauces.

7. Faq: What Are The Signature Milkshakes At Shake Shack?

Answer: Shake Shack is famous for its hand-spun milkshakes, including classic flavors like chocolate and vanilla, as well as special seasonal shakes.

8. Faq: Are There Any Secret Menu Items At Shake Shack?

Answer: Shake Shack has a “secret” menu with items like the Quad Burger (four patties) and the Peanut Butter Bacon Burger. You can ask for these custom creations when ordering.

9. Faq: Do Shake Shack Locations Serve Breakfast?

Answer: Shake Shack primarily serves lunch and dinner items; however, some locations may offer breakfast items, so it’s best to check with your local Shake Shack for availability.

10. Faq: Can I Order Online Or Through A Mobile App For Pickup Or Delivery?

Answer: Yes, Shake Shack offers online ordering and has a mobile app for both pickup and delivery orders, making it convenient to enjoy their menu items from the comfort of your home.

Shake Shak Alternative Restaurant in the USA 

The American fast food chain Shake Shack was famous for its burgers, hot dogs, and milkshakes. Here are a few suggestions for similar fast food or burger-centric eateries that you might want to check out. 

  1. What’s up, In-N-Out? Known mostly throughout the western United States, throughout-N-Out is a popular fast food franchise. Popular items on the menu include traditional burgers, fries, and milkshakes.
  1. Fast food restaurant chain Five Guys is well-known for its tasty, tailorable burgers and fresh, hand-cut fries. They have many branches all around the United States.
  1. Burgers, chicken sandwiches, and salads galore are on the menu at Smashburger. They’re established in more than one state.
  1. All-natural burgers, hot dogs, and custard shakes are the specialty at BurgerFi, a fast food restaurant business. They have stores in more than one state.
  1. Culver’s is a fast food restaurant chain best known for its butterburgers and frozen custard, but it also serves a variety of other foods. They tend to congregate in the Midwest.
  1. Whataburger is a fast food restaurant franchise best known for its specialty burgers and unusual condiments, and is largely found in the southern United States.
  1. Bobby’s Burger Palace is a restaurant group founded by celebrity chef Bobby Flay, serving a wide selection of unique burgers and milkshakes.
  1. Hopdoddy is a network of burger restaurants that places special emphasis on using local, organic, and ethically-sourced ingredients. They have stores in a number of different states.

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