Qdoba Menu Prices USA

Qdoba Menu Prices USA – Mexican Eats, Burritos, Nachos 2024

Qdoba Menu Prices USAMexican-inspired quick casual restaurant Qdoba sells tacos, nachos, quesadillas, and burritos. Qdoba menu prices USA match its major rival, Chipotle. Over 600 Qdoba stores exist in the US.

The meal at Qdoba is speedy but high-quality. Qdoba menu prices USA are also more than quick food because of that.

Please note that prices and menu items may vary based on locations and promotions.

Qdoba Dessert Menu

Item Price
Chocolate Chunk Cookie $1.66
Chocolate Chip Cookie $1.19
Top Shelf Chocolate Chunk Cookie $1.80
Cookie $1.19
Break the Bank Brownie $2.40
Brownie $1.91
Double Chocolate Brownie $1.95
Chocolate Brownie $2.39

Qdoba Queso Price

Item Price
Hot-Bling Honey Chicken Loaded Queso $12.24
Priceless Pork Verde Loaded Queso $12.24


Item Price
Side of Tortilla Chips $2.46

Qdoba Quesadillas 

Item Price
NEW Create Your Own Cheese-Crusted Quesadilla Priced by add-ons
Create Your Own Quesadilla Priced by add-ons
Steak Fajita Quesadilla $13.15
Create Your Own 3-Cheese Nachos Priced by add-ons

Qdoba Burritos

Item Price
NEW Citrus Lime Shrimp Burrito $14.00
NEW Surf & Turf Burrito $15.60
Create Your Own Burrito Priced by add-ons
Burrito Meal Deal Priced by add-ons
Southwest Steak Burrito $13.75
Chicken Queso Burrito $12.05
Cholula® Hot & Sweet Chicken Burrito $12.75
IMPOSSIBLE™ Fajita Burrito $13.65

Qdoba Bowls

Item Price
NEW Citrus Lime Shrimp Bowl $14.00
NEW Surf & Turf Bowl $15.60
Create Your Own Bowl Priced by add-ons
Chicken Protein Bowl $13.65
Chicken Queso Bowl $12.05
Chicken Fresca Bowl $12.15
Cholula® Hot & Sweet Chicken Bowl $12.75
IMPOSSIBLE™ Fajita Bowl $13.65
Fajita Vegan Bowl $11.30
Create Your Own Mini Bowl Priced by add-ons

Trending Flavors

Item Price
NEW Citrus Lime Shrimp Bowl $14.00
NEW Citrus Lime Shrimp Burrito $14.00
NEW Surf & Turf Burrito $15.60
NEW Surf & Turf Bowl $15.60

Great for Groups

Item Description
Taco Kit (Serves 10) Priced by add-ons
Family Meals (Serves 4-5) Priced by add-ons

Qdoba Salad Price

Item Price
Create Your Own Salad Priced by add-ons
IMPOSSIBLE™ Taco Salad $14.00
Citrus Lime Chicken Salad $12.15

Qdoba Tacos Price

Item Price
Create Your Own 3 Tacos Priced by add-ons
Street Style Chicken Tacos $12.05
Street Style Pulled Pork Tacos $12.75
Create Your Own Taco Priced by add-ons

Qdoba Kids Meals

Item Price
Quesadilla Kids Meal $7.15
3-Cheese Nachos Kids Meal $7.15
Taco Kids Meal $7.15

Qdoba Chips And Salsa

Item Price
3-Cheese Queso & Chips $6.90
Queso Diablo & Chips $6.90
Hand-Crafted Guacamole & Chips $5.70
Salsa & Chips $4.10
Side of 3-Cheese Queso $2.45
Side of Queso Diablo $2.45
Side of Guacamole $2.45
Side of Salsa Priced by add-ons
Side of Cilantro Lime Rice $2.45
Side of Brown Rice $2.45
Side of Black Beans $2.45

Qdoba Drinks Menu

Item Price
Coca-Cola® 20 oz Bottle Beverage $4.10
Diet Coke® 20 oz Bottle Beverage $4.10
DASANI® Bottle Water $4.00
Jarritos Mandarin $4.10
Jarritos Lime $4.10
Jarritos Pineapple $4.10

FAQs About Qdoba Menu Prices In The USA

Faq: What Is The Typical US Qdoba Menu Price?

Answer: Qdoba menu items in the US cost $7 to $15, depending on the meal and add-ons.

Faq: Are There Any Qdoba Menu Promotions?

Answer: Yes, Qdoba often offers combo meal savings and limited-time promos. Visit the website or app for promotions.

Faq: How Much Is A Qdoba Basic Burrito?

A typical Qdoba burrito costs roughly $7. Choice of protein and add-ons affect prices.

Faq: What Are Qdoba’s Vegetarian And Vegan Menu Prices?

Answer: Qdoba’s vegetarian and vegan alternatives start at $7, like their meat-based ones.

Faq: Does Qdoba Have Set Prices For Kids’ Meals?

Answer: Qdoba’s kids’ lunches cost usually $7–8.

Faq: What Are The Gluten-Free Menu Selections And Prices?

Gluten-free alternatives at Qdoba start at $7, like other menu items.

Faq: How Much Is A Qdoba Chips And Queso Side?

Answer: A Qdoba chips and queso side costs $6–7.

Are Soft Drinks And Bottled Water Included In Meal Prices?

Answer: Meals rarely contain soft drinks or bottled water. Separately, they cost roughly $4.

Faq: How Much Are Qdoba’s Brownies And Cookies?

Answer: Qdoba’s desserts cost $2–3.

Faq: Are Qdoba Prices The Same Nationwide?

The general price range remains very similar nationwide, but Qdoba locations may vary significantly due to regional cost of living.

Alternatives to Qdoba in USA

Chipotle Mexican Grill offers fresh ingredients and a fast-casual dining experience with their customizable burritos, bowls, tacos, and salads.

Moe’s Southwest Grill: Moe’s serves customizable burritos, quesadillas, and tacos in a lively setting.

Taco Bell: This fast-food company serves tacos, burritos, and nachos at inexpensive prices.

Baja Fresh serves burritos, tacos, and salads made using high-quality ingredients.

Tijuana Flats: This chain offers distinctive burritos, tacos, and bowls with a range of fiery sauces.

Jack in the Box may not be your first choice for Mexican-inspired food, but they have a surprising amount of tasty selections. Their Jumbo Jack Taco and Cheddar Onion Buttery Jack will satiate your appetite for robust flavors.

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