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Fresh Eats On-the-Go 2024 Salad and Go Menu

Salad and Go MenuWhen you want a quick, healthy meal, Salad and Go is perfect. I love eating there when I want something good and fast. The Salad and Go Menu has lots of different foods for everyone.

Salad and Go has many salads. They are all tasty and fresh. You can get big salads with lots of good stuff like the Roasted Autumn Salad or simpler ones like the Thai Salad. There are also BBQ Salad, Buffalo Chicken Salad, Caprese Salad, Caesar Salad, Cobb Salad, Greek Salad, and Jalapeno Ranch Salad.

Satisfying Salad and Go Wraps

If you need food fast, try their wraps. They are easy to eat on the go. You can choose from Roasted Autumn Wrap, Thai Wrap, BBQ Ranch Wrap, Caprese Wrap, Caesar Wrap, Cobb Wrap, Greek Wrap, Jalapeno Wrap, and more.

What’s great about Salad and Go is how easy it is. You can get food quickly, even if you’re busy. They have a Breakfast Menu and Soups too.

Big Portions, Salad And Go Calories

Even though the salads are big, they’re not too many calories. Most have less than 640 calories. That’s good if you want to eat healthy.

Exploring the Salad And Go Menu

With so many choices, it’s hard to decide. Check out their website before you go. You can see everything they offer and pick what you want.

Salad And Go Menu Prices

Salad And Go Menu Prices
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Salad And Go Salad Menu

Items Calories Price
Thai 100 $6.24
Roasted Autumn 370 $6.24
Buffalo Chicken 300 $6.24
BBQ Ranch 510 $6.24
Classic Caesar 170 $6.24
Caprese 770 $6.24
Greek 170 $6.24
Cobb 470 $6.24
Build Your Own   $6.24
Jalapeno Ranch 410 $6.24

Choice of Protein For Salads and Wraps

Items Calories Price
Buffalo Chicken 150
Roasted Chicken 130
Tofu 130
Steak 170 +$2.39
Avocado 110

Salad And Go Wraps Menu

Salad And Go Wraps Menu
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Items Calories Price
Thai Salad 360 $6.24
Roasted Autumn 630 $6.24
Buffalo Chicken 560 $6.24
BBQ Ranch 770 $6.24
Classic Caesar 430 $6.24
Caprese Salad 570 $6.24
Greek Salad 430 $6.24
Cobb Salad 730 $6.24
Build Your Own 0 $6.24
Jalapeno Ranch 670 $6.24

Salad And Go Breakfast Menu With Prices

Salad And Go Breakfast Menu With Prices
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Items Calories Price
Traditional 590 $3.24
Southwest 490 $3.24
Bacon, Egg & Cheese 610 $3.24
Fiesta Burrito 650 $3.24
Turkey Sausage, Egg & Cheese 530 $3.24
Traditional 330 $3.24
Fiesta 390 $3.24

Salad And Go Kids Salad

Items Price
Roasted Chicken +$1.44
Buffalo Chicken +$1.44
Steak +$2.39
Tofu +$1.44

Salad And Go Soups

Items Calories Price
Chicken Pot Pie 130 $3.99

Salad And Go Side And Kids

Items Calories Price
Kids Protein Box $3.99
Kids Salad 100 $3.00

Salad And Go Protein Box Calories For Kids 

Salad And Go Protein Box Calories
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Items Calories Price
Grilled Chicken 130
Organic Tofu 130
Buffalo Chicken 150
Egg 80
Steak 170 $1.00

Salad And Go Drink Menu

Items Calories Price
Mango Green Tea 0 $1.24
Black Tea 0 $1.24
Cold Brew Coffee 0 $1.24
Traditional 330 $1.24
Frozen Strawberry 290 $1.24
Pink 200 $1.24
Cucumber Mint 180 $1.24
Cucumber Mint Arnold Palmer 90 $1.24
Arnold Palmer 165 $1.24
Pink Arnold Palmer 100 $1.24

Contact Information About Salad And Go Menu 

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FAQs About Salad And Go Menu 

How Many Calories Are In A Buffalo Chicken Salad From Salad And Go?

Salad and Go’s Buffalo Chicken Salad has 300 calories in a 48-ounce serving.

Is Chicken Salad High In Calories?

Additives like mayo can add lots of calories and saturated fat to chicken salad, making it less healthy. A small 1/2-cup (about 4-ounce) serving often has 400 calories or more.

How Many Calories Are In A Salad And Go Cobb Salad?

Salad and Go’s Cobb Salad in one serving has 470 calories. It also has 19g total carbs, 8g net carbs, 36g fat, and 18g protein.

What Kind Of Tortilla Does Salad And Go Use?

The salad includes tomatoes, organic mixed greens, Romaine, and corn tortilla.

Is Salad Safe For Kids?

Kids can enjoy salad too! It’s good for them because it has important nutrients like vitamin C, fiber, and calcium. Salad is also a great way to eat other healthy foods like vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruit, and protein.


In short, Salad and Go is a great place for a fast, healthy meal. Whether you like salads or wraps, you’ll find something you like. So why not stop by and try it for yourself?

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