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Komodo Miami Menu – Southeastern Asian Cuisine 

Komodo Miami MenuIt is a famous fast-casual restaurant chain called Komodo Miami in Miami. Komodo Miami menu include salads, executive lunches, dumplings, roll, sashimis, small places, noodles, rice, featured things, big meals, sides, sorbets, ice creams, frozen yogurts, and many others. The Komodo Miami menu, pricing, hours, directions and more are discussed in this post.

Famous for Asian fusion dishes. Komodo Miami offers contemporary southeastern Asian cuisine. They have restaurants with delivery and takeaway services that let you order food online and eat good food in your house.

Komodo Miami was launched by Grutman back in 2015 Later in the year 2015, his first restaurant opened up in Miami Beach, Florida. The architecture of the Komodo Miami was developed by NYC-ICRAVE studio. 

David Grutman owns Komodo Miami. As such, Komodo Miami has many restaurants in Miami. The headquarter of Komodo Miami lies in Miami, Florida.

The restaurant of southern Asian food presents it in a friendly environment at Komedo Miami. They have good restaurant staff as well.

People who love fusing foods, especially Asian fusion food, should head to the Komodo Miami and sample the dumpling as well as other southeast Asian cuisine. The Komodo Miami Menu & Prices are as follows.


Dish Name Ingredients Price
Asian Greens Watermelon radish, pomegranate, sweet miso $12.00
Hearts Of Palm Watermelon, pickled cucumber, passion fruit vinaigrette $19.00
Crackling Calamari Red radish, lime, miso $18.00
Komodo Chicken Napa cabbage, sesame, crispy wonton $18.00
Komodo Executive Lunch Menu  
Menu Item Description Price
Executive Lunch Trio of sorbet: Green apple shiso, raspberry, blueberry sudachi $26.00


Dish Name Ingredients Price
Bao Cubano Roast pork, ham, swiss, pickle, ginger mustard $18.00
Vegetable Dumplings Zucchini, squash, corn, Chinese shiitake $15.00
Prawn Dumplings Szechuan oil, garlic, black bean $20.00
Szechuan Brisket Sliders Matchstick potatoes, Chinese mustard, cilantro $18.00
Spicy Beef Dumplings Ginger soy, sriracha $18.00

Rolls | Raw | Sashimi

Dish Name Ingredients Price
Hamachi Jalapeno White soy ponzu, cilantro $24.00
Madai “Japanese Snapper” Sashimi* Olive oil, yuzu lemon, dried miso, scallion, crispy garlic chips $24.00
Dragon Roll Tempura shrimp, blue crab, kewpie, avocado, mango $26.00
Salmon Tacos Spicy mayo, avocado, truffle oil, Eel sauce $19.00
Tuna Tacos Kimchee vinaigrette, cucumber, cilantro $19.00
Tuna & Toro Roll Tuna tataki, spicy tuna toro, avocado, sesame, Eel sauce $28.00
Komodo Roll Wild mushrooms, white soy, tempura enoki, truffle oil $19.00

Small Plates

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Dish Name Ingredients Price
Lobster Dynamite Crispy quinoa, scallion $24.00
Wokked Edamame Soy sauce, garlic, togarashi, ginger $10.00
Beef Jerky Tenderloin, coriander, galanga, lemongrass $17.00
Curried Shrimp Ginger, lime, cilantro, black bean powder $26.00
Lamb Spareribs Plum, sesame $19.00
Wagyu Skirt Steak Tacos Pickled red onion, aji amarillo $19.00
Dragon Fries Kabocha, white sweet potato, garlic and ginger kewpie $14.00
Duck Lettuce Wraps Pickled vegetables, hoisin $19.00
Octopus Yuzu kosho vinaigrette $17.00
Grutman Pastrami Egg Roll Chinese mustard $19.00
Burrata Miso eggplant $19.00
Miso Chilean Seabass Skewers Cashew, mango, mint $21.00
Kurobuta Pork Belly Five-spice, cherry sweet and sour $15.00
Tuna Tacos Kimchee vinaigrette, cucumber, cilantro $19.00

Noodles | Rice | Grains

Dish Name Ingredients Price
Coconut Black Rice Long bean, shiitake, mango, crunchy farro $12.00
Garlic King Crab Lo Mein Scallion $38.00
Duck Fried Rice Shiitake, crispy aromatics $17.00
Wild Mushroom Lo Mein Sake cream, parmesan $24.00


Dish Name Ingredients Price
Sweet Soy Salmon Shiso pesto, pineapple slaw $29.00
Lime Chicken Chili, sliced garlic, pea leaf $29.00
Grilled Szechuan Beef Shallot, red chili, ginger, cilantro $48.00
Chilean Seabass Mushroom soy dashi, chive, shaved black truffle $42.00
Shaking Beef Pear tomato, shiso $32.00


Dish Name Ingredients Price
Garlic King Crab Lo Mein Scallion $38.00
Duck Fried Rice Shiitake, crispy aromatics $17.00
Wild Mushroom Lo Mein Sake cream, parmesan $24.00
Coconut Black Rice Long bean, shiitake, mango, crunchy farro $12.00

Featured Item

Dish Name Ingredients Price
Peking Duck Cucumber, scallion, pancakes, hoisin $92.00
Peking Duck (Friday Special) Cucumber, scallion, pancakes, hoisin $92.00

Large Plates

Komodo Miami Menu Prices
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Dish Name Ingredients Price
Dry-Aged Short Rib Gochujang, orange miso mustard $68.00
Wagyu Skirt Steak Togarashi, shallot tosazu, crispy pickled red onion, Asian herb salad $58.00
Pan-Seared Branzino Ginger mojo, white soy ponzu $66.00
Hong Kong Grilled Lobster Yuzu miso brown butter, wokked bok choy $78.00


Dish Name Description Price
Spicy Long Beans   $12.00
Wokked Asian Vegetables   $12.00
Charred Brussels Sprouts Pineapple kabayaki, currants, coconut salt $12.00
Wokked Bok Choy Sweet soy, garlic chips $10.00
Super Sweet Potato Shaved black truffle, wasabi butter, tobiko, gold leaf $24.00


Dessert Name Description Price
Sorbet Raspberry, blueberry sudachi, green apple shiso, mango passion fruit, guava $5.00
Ice Cream Vanilla, chocolate, green tea, salted caramel, coconut lime $5.00
Frozen Yogurt Piña colada $5.00


Dessert Name Description Price
Zen Garden Chocolate semifreddo, raspberry sorbet, cherry pop rocks $14.00
Bananas In A Pagoda Bruléed banana, salted dolce caramel, chocolate sauce, candied hazelnut $14.00
Dragons Nest Seasonal fruit and berries, citrus-ginger syrup, blueberry sudachi and green apple shiso sorbet $14.00
Cloud Nine Chocolate mousse, milk chocolate cremeux, chocolate sauce, spiced caramel popcorn $14.00
Nutty Bar Tahini peanut cashew caramel, almond sponge, salted caramel mousse, maldon salt, raspberry, vanilla ice cream $14.00
Komodo Baked Alaska Key lime yuzu ice cream, orange chiffon cake, graham cracker $14.00

Komodo Miami Location

FAQs About Komodo Miami Menu 

What Kind Of Dishes Can You Find In Komodo Miami?

A: It serves a unique Asian-Latin fusion menu.

Does Komodo Miami Have Any Vegetarian Or Vegan Choices?

A: Komodo Miami Offers Vegetarian And Vegan Options For Different Diets.
Does Komodo Miami Accept Reservations?

Does Komodo Miami Accept Reservations?

A: Online reservations and phone reservations are accepted at Komodo Miami.

Is There Any Dress Code At Komodo Miami?

A: There is not a formal dress code in Miami, and Komodo smart casual is encouraged. Ensure that you check on their requirements before visiting.

Does Komodo Miami Do Delivery Or Take Out?

A: Komodo Miami offers delivery and takeout, enabling their customers to get food at home.

What Komodo Miami Signature Dishes Must I Eat?

A: Komodo Miami’s Lobster Dynamite and Peking Duck. Request recommendations from your server.:

Are Gluten-Free Alternatives Available For People With Dietary Restrictions?

A: At Komodo Miami, they understand that not all people can consume gluten, in which case, gluten free food is offered. Inform your waiter of any needs.

Are Private Parties Allowed At Komodo Miami?

Komodo Miami has private dining and function rooms. Make reservations and inquiries to their event planner.

What Are Komodo Miami’s Hours?

A: Komodo Miami visit their website or contact them.

Q: Does Komodo Miami Serve Wine Or Cocktails Along With Its Food?

A: Komodo Miami serves wine and cocktails in different varieties for your delight as you dine. Try their drinks to add to your meals.

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