Popeye’s Special

Chicken Lover Rejoice Discover the Ultimate Popeye’s Special

Popeye’s Special

Popeye’s Special brings big discounts and yummy food. Happy Hour Promo is super fun!

Happy Hour

Join the fun at 5 in the evening on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 9 at night. Get up to 85% off on tasty sides!

Cajun Fries, Red Beans & Rice, Mashed Potatoes with Cajun Gravy, A la Carte Biscuit, Homestyle Mac and Cheese, and Coleslaw are all on offer.

Menu Sets and Combos

Try out 12 different menus. Pick from 5 seafood sandwiches, 2 chicken sandwiches, or even up to 16 pieces of Popeye’s Signature Chicken. There’s something for everyone!

Featured Items and Online Transactions

Special treats like the Classic Flounder Fish Sandwich and the Shrimp Tackle Box are perfect for parties. You can order online from the official website or app.

Membership Rewards

Sign up for a membership to get discounts and exclusive promos. Don’t miss out on the Happy Hour Promo, happening twice a week!

Popeye’s Special is all about good food and big savings. Join in and enjoy!

Popeyes Happy Hour Time

Days Time
Tuesdays 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Thursdays 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Popeye’s Chicken Special

Popeye's Chicken Special
Image Credit:instagram.com/popeyes
Offer Price Items
$24.99 14 Pc Tenders Family Meal
$6.00 Shrimp Tackle Box
$24.99 10 Pc Family Meal
$29.99 14 Pc Family Meal
$12.99 5 Pc Signature Chicken (2 person Dinner)
$12.99 6 Pc Tender (2 person Dinner)
$9.99 5 Pc Signature Chicken (2 person Dinner)
$6.99 3 Pc Tenders Combo
$6.99 Lunch Big Box
$12.99 6 Pc Tenders (2 person Dinner)

Popeye’s Chicken Special Offers

Popeye’s Chicken Special Offers
Image Credit:instagram.com/popeyes

For a limited time only. (From 11:00 am until 2:00 pm)

Offers Items
For a limited time only. (From 11:00 am until 2:00 pm)  
$6.99 Lunch Big Box
$6.99 1 Biscuit, Signature Chicken (2 Pc), 2 Regular Sides
$6.99 1 Biscuit, Tenders (3 Pc), 2 Regular Sides
1st order on Popeyes.com or through the Popeyes app and spend a minimum of $10. Free 2Pc Signature Chicken, Tenders (3 Pc), Nuggets (8Pc) or Chicken Sandwich
$6.00 Shrimp Tackle Box
Pick Up Only 1 Biscuit + 8Pc Shrimp + Regular side
$12.99 Signature Chicken (5Pc), 2 Can Dine
2 Biscuits, 5Pc Signature Chicken and 2 Regular Sides  
$9.99 Signature Chicken (5Pc), 2 Can Dine
2 Biscuits, 5Pc Chicken and 2 Regular Sides  
$24.99 14Pc Tenders Family Meal
5 Biscuits, 14Pc Tenders and 2 Large Sides  
$12.99 Tenders (6 Pc), 2 Can Dine
2 Biscuits, 6Pc Tenders and 2 Regular sides  
$6.99 3Pc Tenders Combo
Biscuit, 3Pc Tenders, Regular Side and Small Drink.  
$24.99 10Pc Family Meal
5 Biscuits, 10Pc Signature Chicken and 2 Large Sides  

FAQs About Popeye’s Special

How Many Calories In A Popeyes Blackened Chicken Sandwich?

Popeyes now serves its Blackened Chicken Sandwich at 550 of its restaurants.
The dietary details for the Blackened Chicken Sandwich, as stated on Popeyes’ website, are as follows: Calories: 550. Total fat: 29 grams (37% of the daily value).

What Is Popeyes Most Popular Item?

Popeyes’ Sweet and Spicy Wings are really famous, especially after the chicken sandwich became popular.

How Do You Get Popeyes Rewards?

Having a meal with us can be fun! You can collect Popeyes Points by ordering through our app or scanning them when you eat at our restaurant. For every dollar you spend, you’ll get one point. Explore our rewards for cool options to redeem

Can You Use Popeyes Coupons?

Here’s how to make the most of your Popeyes coupons: Pick a promotion and read the details carefully to know how to use your special discounts. Your offer might only work on mobile, so you’ll need to shop online. Or you might have to show your coupon in the store when you order.

What Are Popeyes Rewards?

Popeyes Rewards lets customers trade points for their favorite menu items. Plus, they get access to special deals only for members.

How Can I Contact Popeyes For Complaints?

Contact Popeyes customer support at 877-767-3937.

Winding Up 

Experience Popeye’s Special: Delicious food, big discounts, and fun! Don’t miss out on the Happy Hour Promo for up to 85% off on sides every Tuesday and Thursday from 5 to 9 in the evening. With a variety of menu sets, combos, and featured items, there’s something for everyone. Sign up for membership rewards and indulge in exclusive promos. Join us for a culinary adventure filled with flavor and savings!

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