Does Popeyes Have A Rewards Program

Does Popeyes Have A Rewards Program? Free Food and Drinks 

Does Popeyes Have A Rewards ProgramWondering if Popeyes offers a rewards program? Let’s delve into the latest updates and key aspects of the Popeyes Rewards system.

Recent Updates

In the realm of delectable deals and enticing freebies, November 9 marks the return of National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day. Popeyes, known for its savory offerings, boasts some of the finest deals during this celebration. Starting the festivities on November 2, Popeyes treated its patrons to a complimentary chicken sandwich with the purchase of any chicken sandwich combo. This exclusive offer, available online through the Popeye’s App until Nov. 12, adds an extra layer of value to an already enticing combo deal.

How to Earn Points

Transitioning to the heart of the matter—earning points in the Popeyes Rewards program. For every dollar spent at Popeyes, you accrue 10 points. Primarily applicable to digital orders via the Popeyes website or app, the program extends to in-store orders at two select Florida locations. Simply scan your QR code in the Popeyes App or present your physical Popeyes Rewards card at the Red Road location in Miami or the South Dixie Highway location in Cutler Bay. The success of in-store points earning at these locations could potentially lead to expansion across other Popeyes establishments.

Where are My Points?

After making an eligible purchase, allow about 48 hours for your Popeyes points to reflect in your rewards account. Notably, points are exclusively earned on purchases of at least $1 and do not accrue for orders placed on third-party platforms such as DoorDash or Uber Eats.

How to Redeem

Once you’ve amassed the required points, redeeming them is a straightforward process. Receive a reward coupon when reaching the specified point threshold, and apply it within the Popeyes App or website during the ordering process. It’s essential to note that modifying these reward items may incur an additional cost. While you can apply a maximum of one digital coupon to your order during redemption, printed coupons are not applicable.

Points Reward
150 2 Biscuits
200 Apple Pie, Regular Mashed Potatoes, or Regular Fries
250 Small Drink
300 Regular Red Beans & Rice or Regular Coleslaw
350 Medium Drink
500 Popcorn Shrimp
550 2-piece Signature Chicken or Chicken Sandwich
600 3-piece Tenders
650 3-piece Signature Chicken
700 Large Mashed Potatoes with Gravy, Large Fries, Large Red Beans & Rice, Large Coleslaw, or Large Chicken Sandwich Dinner
800 4-piece Signature Chicken or 2-piece Signature Chicken Dinner
850 5-piece Tenders
950 3-piece Tender Dinner
1,800 8-piece Signature Chicken
2,400 12-piece Signature Chicken

Program Benefits

Popeyes Happy Hour
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Beyond the point accumulation, the Popeyes Rewards program offers additional perks. During Happy Hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays (5 pm to 9 pm), enjoy discounted sides for just $1 on digital orders. Additionally, bonus points opportunities abound, ranging from Combo Meals to Family Feasts. Certain events may even allow you to earn points at an accelerated rate, providing enhanced benefits to loyal Popeyes customers.

Points Expiration and Blackout Periods

While the program brings a myriad of benefits, it’s crucial to be aware of points expiration and blackout periods. Redeeming points during predetermined blackout periods is not possible. Moreover, if there’s no activity in your Popeyes Rewards account for 180 days, your points will expire. Vigilance is key to ensuring you make the most of your rewards.

How Can I Submit Feedback?

Have insights or suggestions regarding your Popeyes experience? Popeyes encourages feedback. Explore the Popeyes customer survey for a direct channel to share your thoughts and contribute to the enhancement of the overall customer experience.

Popeyes Rewards Benefits

Popeyes Rewards
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Curious about the perks that come with the Popeyes Rewards program? Beyond the joy of indulging in the delectable offerings, members unlock a range of exclusive advantages. Earn free food and drinks, savoring the flavors without spending extra. 

Enjoy an additional boost with 50 bonus points accompanying Combo Meals and an impressive 100 points when opting for Family Meals, elevating your rewards swiftly. Embrace the excitement of Points Accelerator Events, providing opportunities to accumulate points at an accelerated pace.

Participate in Bonus Reward Challenges, adding a layer of thrill to your Popeyes experience. The surprises don’t end there.

Third Party Rewards open doors to unique collaborations and redemptions beyond the realm of Popeyes. Revel in the tailored charm of Personalized Offers, ensuring that your preferences and habits shape your rewards journey. During the exclusive Happy Hour Bonus, seize the chance to acquire select items for just $1, a delightful addition to your Popeyes experience.

Every purchase is an opportunity with Bonus Points Opportunities, making your loyalty more rewarding. Through these benefits, the Popeyes Rewards program transforms routine dining into a personalized adventure, allowing members to relish not just the food, but the added value that comes with each visit.

FAQs  About Does Popeyes Have A Rewards Program

Does Popeyes Have A Loyalty Program?

“Popeyes Rewards provides customers the chance to earn points in return for the menu items they already enjoy, in addition to access to exclusive members-only deals.” Guests will gain ten points for every dollar spent!

What Are The Perks Of The Popeyes App?

The program’s heart, however, is a points system: customers will receive 10 points for every dollar spent online or on the app, with bonus points available for buying combinations or family meals. These points, according to Popeyes, can subsequently be redeemed for free or discounted menu items.

Popeyes Rewards Customer Service Phone Number?


When Will I See My Popeyes Rewards Credited To My Account?

Within 2 days, your loyalty points or incentives should appear in your Popeyes Rewards account.

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