Twin Peaks Happy Hour

Twin Peaks Happy Hour – Good Times, Great Tastes! 2024

Twin Peaks Happy HourTwin Peaks is a cool mix of a hangout spot for sports fans and a nice place to eat. But here’s the real deal – when it’s time for the Happy Hours, it’s like a food and fun fiesta! From 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm on weekdays, you’re in for a treat.

Exciting Menu Stuff

Ever wonder what’s cooking during the happy hour menu? Check this out: They’ve got cool Twin Peaks drafts like Bud Light, Budweiser, and Boulevard Wheat. Fancy some wine? They’ve got that too, served in glasses. And don’t forget the fancy craft cocktails with Absolute and Crown Royal. Plus, there’s a whole bunch of tasty appetizers to choose from. Imagine mozzarella cheese bites, buffalo wings, fried pickles, and the softest pretzels – it’s a feast!

Late-Night Fun

Late-Night Fun
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Hold up, the party doesn’t stop early! Some places keep the happy vibes going until 10.00 pm, and they serve the same tasty stuff even on Fridays and Saturdays. Late-night snacks with price tags of 2, 4, 6 dollars? Yep, and sometimes, they go all out and make everything half price!

Shots, Shots, Shots!

Feeling brave? They’ve got loads of cheap shots – Fireball, lemon drop, Jose Cuervo Silver, and Jack Daniel’s Honey. Best part? You can have these shots all day at certain spots. Cheers to that!

Where It’s Happening

This happy hour scene isn’t just in one or two spots. It’s everywhere – 26 states, from Texas and Arizona to Florida and New Mexico. I’ve been to some of these places, and let me tell you, it’s a blast every time.

So, next time you’re close to a Twin Peaks joint during those special hours, don’t miss out. Dive into good times, delicious bites, and happy sips. It’s a simple recipe for a great time!

Twins Peaks Location Map

Twin Peaks Happy Hour Time

Days Time
Monday 2.00 pm – 6.00 pm / 10.00 pm – close
Tuesday 2.00 pm – 6.00 pm / 10.00 pm – close
Wednesday 2.00 pm – 6.00 pm / 10.00 pm – close
Thursday 2.00 pm – 6.00 pm / 10.00 pm – close
Friday 2.00 pm – 6.00 pm / 10.00 pm – close

Twin Peaks Happy Hour Menu 

Twin Peaks Appetizers

Items Price
Fried Pickles $5.00
Chipotle Queso And Chips $5.00
Crispy Tacos $5.00
Billionaire’s Bacon $5.00
Mozzarella Cheese Bites $5.00

Twin Peaks Signature

Items Size Price
Knotty Brunette   $4.50
Dirty Blonde 22oz. $4.50
Drop Dead Redhead   $4.50

Twin Peaks Shots

Twin Peaks Shots
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$2 Off for Wines by The Glass  
Items Price
Fireball Whisky $2.99
Querido Spicy Watermelon Tequila $2.99
Jack Daniel’s Jerressee Honey $2.99
Tequila Corazon $2.99
Bubba’s Secret Stills Brown Spice Liquor $2.99

Twin Peaks Cocktails

Items Price
Cucumber $6.00
Passion Twist Mojito $6.00
Plantation Peach $6.00
Old Fashioned $6.00
Salted Watermelon $6.00
Smoked Strawberry $6.00
Tropical Mule $6.00
Caribbean Lemonade $6.00
Mango Fire Margarita $6.00

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

$1 Off for Bud Light, Budweiser & Boulevard Wheat  
Items Price
Bud Light  
Boulevard Wheat  
Select Apps $5.99 / $7.99
Absolut And Crown Royal Cocktails $6.25
College Football Saturdays  
Items Price
Hard Happy Dad Seltzer $4.00
Miller Lite $5.00
Coors Light $5.00
Xx Dos Equis $6.00
NFL Sunday  
Items Price
Jack Daniel’s Jerressee Fire $3.00
Jack Daniel’s Jerressee Honey $3.00
Budweiser $5.00
Bud Light $5.00
Corona $6.00

FAQs About Twin Peaks Happy Hour

What’s The Difference Between Hooters And Twin Peaks?

Twin Peaks is in direct competition with Hooters in the world of casual dining restaurants. Both places have something in common – an all-female waitstaff. But here’s the twist: Twin Peaks sets itself apart by having its staff called “lumberjanes.” I first heard this term on Anderson Cooper’s show. These lumberjanes wear a special costume that’s all about mountains, with flannel bikini bottoms. It’s a unique touch that makes Twin Peaks stand out from the crowd.

Why Is Twin Peaks So Special?

Twin Peaks did something new on TV. It came after Blue Velvet, a movie that showed bad things hiding in a nice village like in a Norman Rockwell painting. Twin Peaks had odd characters with their own strange stories. And, a lot of its many secrets were never explained.

Does Twin Peaks have the UFC Fights?

Here’s the deal on Twin Peaks and UFC. At Twin Peaks restaurants, they show all UFC fights on all their TVs. Yup, every single one! It doesn’t matter which Twin Peaks spot you’re at – they’ve got you covered with the full UFC experience.

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