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Dairy Queen Wedding Catering – Now Your Special Events 2024

Dairy Queen Wedding CateringAre you organising a wedding and are you searching for an uncommon catering option which will make your guests amazed? Dairy Queen wedding catering is what you need to look for! A look into the dairy queen wedding catering, why it’s the best choice for your day.

Dairy Queen: A Unique Wedding Catering Option

The majority of the modern couples want their wedding catering to be unique, to make their celebration stand out from the rest. Dairy Queen serves just that, a distinctive and tasty alternative that will satisfy the taste buds of your guests.

Dairy Queen
Image Credit : FB Dairy Queen (6085 N 261st Circle, Valley, NE

Affordability and Convenience

The Dairy Queen wedding catering is both affordable and unique. It is cost effective, without sacrificing quality. Furthermore, they will have experienced staff that will take care of everything so that you will have a trouble-free day.

Delectable Menu

Dairy Queen features delicious options on its wedding catering menu. The ice cream cakes, Blizzards, and sundaes will definitely satisfy each craving for a sweet tooth. You will have the liberty to choose different flavors, toppings, and designs according to your wedding theme. Imagine how wonderful it will be to please your guests with an ice cream cake that is not just appealing to the eye but also to the taste.

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Dairy Queen Catering Menu

Dairy Queen Catering Menu
image credit: cranberrydq.com

Prices Of DQ Cakes

Item Description Price
DQ Sheet Cake (10×14 inch) Serves 20-25 $27.99
Frozen Ice Cream Cupcakes Per Unit $2.89
8″ Round DQ Cake (serves 10-12)   $19.99
Frozen Ice Cream Cupcakes (6 pack) Per Pack (6 cupcakes) $15.00
10″ Round DQ Cake (serves 12-15)   $22.99

DQ Blizzard Cake Price

Item Description Price
8″ Round Blizzard Cake (serves 8-10)   $22.99
10″ Round Blizzard Cake (serves 10-22)   $25.99

Cost Of DQ Novelties

Item Description Price
Dilly Bar (6-pack)   $5.79
Buster Bar   $1.79
Buster Bar (6-pack)   $8.79
DQ Sandwich   $0.94
DQ Sandwich (6-pack)   $4.99
Dilly Bar   $1.19

Small DQ Blizzard Price

Small DQ Blizzard Price
Image Credit : FB Dairy Queen (6085 N 261st Circle, Valley, NE
Size Price
Mini (6 oz.) $2.49
Small (12 oz.) $3.39
Medium (16 oz.) $3.79
Large (21 oz.) $4.49


Size Price
Small (12 oz.) $2.99
Medium (16 oz.) $3.49
Large (24 oz.) $3.99

DQ Shakes Menu & Malts

Size Price
Small (12 oz.) $2.59
Medium (16 oz.) $3.09
Large (24 oz.) $3.59
Extra Large (32 oz.) $4.19

DQ Orange Julius Menu

Size Price
Small (16 oz.) $2.69
Medium (20 oz.) $2.99
Large (32 oz.) $3.49

DQ Smoothies Menu

Size Price
Small (12 oz.) $2.99
Medium (20 oz.) $3.99
Large (32 oz.) $5.19

FAQs About Dairy Queen Wedding Catering

What Does Dairy Queen Provide For US Wedding Catering?

Dairy Queen has a lot of great wedding catering choices. The DQ treats include Blizzards, ice cream cakes and cupcakes. The burgers, hot dogs, chicken strips and other items are under their Grill & Chill menu. Have you thought of customising wedding meal your tastes and to guest numbers?

What Are The Requirements Of Booking Us Dairy Queen Wedding Catering?

You can also visit the wedding catering page on Dairy Queen’s website or call your local store for the same. They provide qualified personnel to assist you in menu selection and preparation of your catering order to suit your wedding needs.

Dairy Queen Has Special Diets For Weddings, Does It?

DQ will cater for dietary restrictions and special needs for the wedding. Their menu features vegetarian and gluten-free options. Dairy Queen catering team will try to meet your special diet or demands, if you are willing to discuss those with them.

How Much Does The Dairy Queen Wedding Catering Charge In The US?

Wedding catering prices of Dairy Queen are dependent on the menu items, number of invitees and other event details. For a wedding-specific estimate, get in touch with your local Dairy Queen or catering department. Moreover, they give you a specific quotation that matches your budgets and preferences.

When Should I Order Dairy Queen Wedding Catering For My US Wedding?

Book early for Dairy Queen wedding catering. This makes time for the planning of menu and helps the company to hold your party preferably at any day of your choice. For a couple months before your event, make booking your catering services to secure your ideal date and menu. Nevertheless, different Dairy Queen locations may have their own booking timelines. Therefore, make the inquiries earlier to establish if your chosen locations are available

Final Words

Dairy Queen wedding catering is a delightful and affordable alternative for spouses seeking to bring an additional spark to their wedding. Therefore, your guests will be talking about your wedding even after many years, thanks to the delicious menu, excellent service, and affordable prices. Why not try the extraordinary in Dairy Queen instead of settling for an ordinary? Have a unique wedding by using Dairy Queen catering.

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