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BJ Catering Menu – Platers and Trays [Updated 2024]

BJ Catering MenuIt can be very stressful planning an event, but on the other hand you do not have to worry too much on the catering part. Currently, BJ Catering Menu provides easy-to-order catering options that will allow you to plan your event’s meal and then go shopping for your home or business.

BJ’s catering menu comprises of simple but delicious products that will guarantee success in your next gathering. BJ’s are reasonable with a number of items enabling you to select many options that provide a variety for your guests. BJ’s catering prices consist of pastry trays ranging from $17-$39 which are ideal for breakfast or brunch party, sub sandwiches (from $27) made from high quality ingredients, selection of meats and cheese platters for sandwich bars and finally Below are the BJ Catering Menu with Prices in full!

Bj’s Catering Menu

Meanwhile, BJ’s will be preparing mouth-watering sandwiches loaded with freshness and flavor. Order enough of them so that everyone will love them.

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Hot Entrées

Dish Name Description Serves Price Minimum Notice Required
Pulled BBQ Pork Finely shredded (pulled) pork in honey BBQ sauce, served with buns, cheese, and onion rings 24 Buns $82.99/pan 3-4 days
BBQ Meatballs Miniature meatballs in honey BBQ sauce, served as an appetizer Varies $49.99/pan 3-4 days
BJ’s Traditional Lasagna Lasagna with basil marinara, ground chuck, and cheese, served with garlic bread 8-12 $64.99/pan 3 days
Turkey Oriental Hotdish Turkey, vegetables, and rice noodles in oriental sauce, served with dinner rolls and butter 8-12 $59.99/pan 3 days
Baked Rigatoni with Italian Sausage Italian sausage, rigatoni, marinara, and cheese, served with garlic bread 8-12 $65.99/pan 2 days
BBQ Beef Beef brisket in honey BBQ sauce, served with rolls 24 Buns $94.99/pan 1-4 days
BJ’s Sloppy Joes Ground beef, spices, onion, and peppers in a filling, served with hamburger buns 24 Buns $64.99/pan 1-4 days
Chicken Marsala Boneless chicken in Marsala wine sauce with mushrooms, served on rice pilaf Varies Please call 1-4 days
Whole Quiches Quiches in various flavors, baked in 9-inch crusts 4-6 $29.99/ea. 1-4 days
Stuffed Potatoes Jumbo baked potatoes with assorted toppings Varies Please call 1-4 days

Side Dishes

Dish Name Description Serves Price Minimum Notice Required
Calico Beans Tender beans slow-cooked with bacon in sauce, served hot Varies $49.99/gal. 1-4 days
Wild Rice Side Dish Light and airy wild rice side dish Varies Please call 1-4 days
Sage Dressing BJ’s homemade sage dressing Varies Please call 1-4 days


Dish Name Description Serves Price Minimum Notice Required
Kettle Chips Crisp kettle chips not available in stores Varies $1.99/bag 0-4 days
BJ’s Homemade Chicken Salad BJ’s famous homemade chicken salad Varies $19.99/qt. 0-4 days
BJ’s Homemade Tuna Salad BJ’s homemade tuna salad Varies $19.99/qt. 0-4 days
Assorted Loaves of Bread Thick sliced loaves of various types Approx 12 slices/loaf $8.99/loaf 0-4 days

Bj’s Catering Platters & Trays

Dish Name Description Serves Price Minimum Notice Required
Baked Brie Tray Soft Brie cheese wrapped in puff pastry with caramelized pecans, served with apple slices Varies $29.99/16 pcs. $47.99/32 pcs.
Stuffed Mushrooms Platter Mushroom caps stuffed with Italian sausage, cream cheese, and parmesan Varies $36.99/9×13 pan (12-24 caps) 0-3 days
Vegetable Tray Fresh sliced and diced vegetables with dip Varies $34.99/12in. $44.99/16in.
Fruit Tray Assorted fresh fruits with BJ’s fruit dip Varies $34.99/12in. $44.99/16in.
Shrimp Cocktail Fresh jumbo shrimp with cocktail sauce Varies Market price 2-3 days
Assorted Quartered Sandwiches Sandwiches with meats, lettuce, tomato, cheese, condiments, chips Calculate 3 pcs./person $8.99/4 pcs. 0-3 days
Deviled Eggs Creamy and delicious deviled eggs Varies $52.99/50 pieces 2-3 days
Taco Dip with Tortilla Chips Lightly seasoned taco dip with tortilla chips Varies Please call 0-3 days
Finger Sandwiches Crustless sandwiches with meats, lettuce, tomato, cheese, condiments, and chips Calculate 4 pcs./person $7.799/4 pcs. 0-3 days
Homemade Pasta Salads Various pasta salads with chicken, fruits, and dressing Varies $26.99/½ gal. $52.99/gal.
Turkey Bacon Ranch Pasta Pasta salad with turkey, bacon, vegetables, and ranch dressing Varies $26.99/½ gal. $52.99/gal.
Oriental Pasta Pasta salad with chicken, pineapple, vegetables, and sesame ginger dressing Varies $26.99/½ gal. $52.99/gal.
Lemon Poppyseed Pasta Pasta salad with chicken, cranberries, and lemon poppyseed dressing Varies $26.99/½ gal. $52.99/gal.
Seafood Pasta Pasta salad with crab, shrimp, and lemon dill dressing Varies $26.99/½ gal. $52.99/gal.
Tortellini Blue Cheese Pasta Pasta salad with tortellini, chicken, vegetables, and blue cheese dressing Varies $26.99/½ gal. $52.99/gal.
Italian Pasta Pasta salad with rotini, pepperoni, chicken, and Italian dressing Varies $26.99/½ gal. $52.99/gal.
Dill Ranch Pasta Pasta salad with rotini, chicken, vegetables, and dill ranch dressing Varies $26.99/½ gal. $52.99/gal.

Pasta And Salad

BJ’s Catering pasta
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Dish Name Description Serves Price Minimum Notice Required
BJ’s Homemade Potato Salad Secret recipe potato salad, perfect for picnics and grilling Varies $14.99/qt. $34.99/gal.
Oriental Coleslaw Sweet and crisp coleslaw Varies $14.99/qt. $19.99/½ gal.
BJ’s Traditional Coleslaw Great as a burger topping Varies $9.99/qt. $34.99/gal.
Broccoli Cauliflower Salad Salad with broccoli, cauliflower, raisins, sunflower seeds, and sweet dressing Varies $14.99/qt. $44.99/gal.
Waldorf Salad Fruit salad in cinnamon honey dressing Varies $39.99/gal. 1-4 days
Mixed Garden Salad Romaine and Iceberg lettuce with carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, choice of dressing Varies $24.99/party bowl 0-1 day
Classic Caesar Salad Romaine lettuce with onions, eggs, tomatoes, chicken, and Parmesan cheese Varies $39.99/party bowl 0-3 days

Homemade Dessert

Dish Name Description Serves Price Minimum Notice Required
BJ’s Homemade Pies 9-inch deep-dish pies in various flavors 6-9 $18.99 each 1-3 days
Whole Cheesecakes Whole cheesecakes in different flavors 8-12 $44.99 each 1-3 days
BJ’s Chocolate Brownie Tray Brownies with chocolate frosting on a party platter Varies $24.99/tray 48-60pc tray: $39.99
Whole Carrot Cake Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting 9-12 $36.99 each 1-3 days
Piña Colada Cake White cake with Piña Colada sweetness and whipped frosting 9-12 $36.99 each 1-3 days
Whole Chocolate Cake Chocolate cake with mini chocolate chips and chocolate frosting 8-10 $26.99 each 1-3 days
Kahlúa Cake Chocolate cake with Kahlúa topping and chocolate frosting 9-12 $26.99 each 1-3 days
Velvet Lemon Cake Lemon cake with whipped lemon flavored frosting 9-12 $26.99 each 1-3 days
Raspberry Cream Cake Raspberry flavored cake with raspberry frosting 9-12 $34.99 each 1-3 days
BJ’s Caramel Roll Tray Caramel rolls with pecans, served warm with butter 12 $26.99/dozen 1-3 days

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FAQs About Bj Catering Menu

What Are The Varieties Of Pies In Bj’s Homemade Pies?

Answer: BJ’s Homemade Pies are available in different flavors, including Rhubarb Custard, Blueberry, Fresh Strawberry, Sour Cream Raisin, Key Lime, Turtle Pecan, Banana Cream, Coconut C You can actually even request for your favorite flavor!

Do The Cheesecakes Serve How Many People, And What Flavors Are Available?

Answer: One whole cheesecake feeds 8-12 guests, and we offer Caramel Apple Specialty Cheesecake, as well as the traditional cherry and strawberry. Additionally, you can order other options like blueberry, pumpkin, or peanut butter cup.

What Comes In The Bj’s Chocolate Brownie Tray And How Many Servings?

Answer: BJ’s Chocolate Brownie Tray is composed of soft and moist brownies coated in a secret chocolate cream. It is cut into 24-30 small pieces that are 2 inches square. This depends on the number of servings that you prefer.

Could You Please Give Me Information On The Different Kind Of Cakes And Serving Size Options?

Answer: We have the whole carrot cake, Pina Coloda cake, whole chocolate cake, Kahlúa cake, velvet lemon cake, and raspberry cream cake. Each cake serves 9-12 people.

How Many Days In Advance Do They Require Ordering The Pasta Salad, And What Flavors Do They Offer?

Answer: Homemade Pasta Salads are our pasta salad flavor along with Turkey Bacon ranch pasta, Oriental pasta, Lemon Poppyseed pasta, Seafood pasta, Tortellini blue cheese pasta, Italian pasta, and Dill ranch pasta. For these sweet salads please let us know 1-4 days before.

More About Bj’s Caramel Roll Tray. What Contains And How Many Rolls In Tray?

Answer: The homemade caramel sauce and fresh pecans on the BJ’s Caramel Roll Tray are delicious. Twelve rolls are placed in each tray, and they are served warm with butter. A perfect treat in the morning!

Do You Have A Vegetarian Or Vegan Alternative In Your Catering Menu?

Answer: Although our menu predominantly features meat-based dishes, we have several vegetable-based options such as the Vegetable Tray, Mixed Garden Salad, and Oriental Coleslaw. However, in case of specific dietary concerns or limitations, please feel free to call us and we will do our best to meet your dietary needs.

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